University Eights

Oficiální program - OTEVŘÍT

Prague 3. 6. 2022 Czech Rowing Association, Czech University Sports Association, Asociace sportu pro radost, z.s., VK Smíchov


Deadline: 23. 5. 2022, Foreign crews register via


25. 5. 2022 at 15:00 in the office of the Czech Rowing Association secretariat. The results of the draw will include boat placement instructions for out-of-Prague participants.


he 1000 m lanes on the Vltava are intended for 5 boats. 1000 m distance, free starts, finish on the right side between the Railway and Palacký Bridges.


1. Races included:
1) 8x + mixed juniors and
2) 4+ mixed for visually impaired athletes.
The races will take place as divided. Course length: 500 m
Presentation: Friday, 17 September 2021 in the clubhouse at the VK Blesk boatyard.
The time schedule will be specified during the draw. No start fee will be charged to the regis-tered crews. Any penalty deposits for not attending the start will be collected at twice the amount of the championship rowing races.

2. The University Eights Prague (hereinafter U8) will take place on Friday, 17 September 2021 in the afternoon. The race takes place simultaneously with the Academic Championship of the Czech Republic with international participants (hereinafter ACCR).

3. The race is part of the 2021 University Rowing Cup.

4. Each crew participates at their own risk and must follow the timetable.

5. The first race will start in the afternoon. The exact time schedule will be determined during the draw.

6. The race is run on a 1,000m course; in the event of more than 5 boats, 3 + 2 heats will take place.

If the number of registered boats is greater than 10, the winners of each heat and the crews with the best time will advance.

7. Only crews representing individual universities or colleges may enter the race. An association of universities or colleges is not possible. Crews entered in the men’s race may include women.

8. University students engaged in in-person or distance learning can take part in the U8 race. In order to participate, student status must be confirmed with a student card, which the university representative must present during the presentation event. The U8 race permits a maximum of 3 alumni in an 8-person crew.

9. The ACCR is part of the U8. The ACCR title can only be won by a crew composed entirely of students, i.e., the competitors are enrolled in studies, are active students or successfully com-pleted their studies in 2021.

10. Weighing of the coxswains will take place during presentation. Random inspections will be carried out during the regatta at the request of the judges.

11. The meeting of university representatives and presentation, during which competitors' stu-dent IDs (or graduate diplomas) will be checked, will take place on 17 September 2021 at 12:00 in the clubhouse at the VK Blesk boatyard.

12. The winning ACCR crew will be named "Academic Champion of the Czech Republic in Eights Rowing."

13. No start fee will be collected from registered crews from Czech universities.
Each registered university is automatically enrolled in a nationwide communication campaign, which is subject to a fee of 10,000 CZK.

14. Crews will be issued a warning for non-participation in the meeting of university crew repre-sentatives.

15. Changes to crews at the meeting of representatives will be charged at the rate of 200 CZK per change in crew member. Crews registering at the meeting of representatives will be charged at the rate of 2,000 CZK.

16. Boats designated by the organiser will be equipped with a data transmission device (televi-sion camera/sport tester). In these cases, other boats in the same race must be fitted with an additional load, the mass of which will correspond to the mass of the transmission equipment; the additional loads and their distribution to the relevant boats will be provided and managed by the organiser.

Programme (according to the rules of the CRA and CUSA; part of the University Cup 2021):
17.9.2021 (Friday)
1. 8x+mix žcim/žkym, 10th mixed juniors, boys and girls (4+4)
2. 4+ mix 10th Leontinka Cup for Visually Impaired Athletes
3. 8+ž, 11th Women’s University Eights
4. 8+m, 11th Men’s University Eights

1. 8+ mA/8+ žA Men’s and Women’s university heats
2. 8x+mix žcim/žkymjuniors divided races
3. 4+ visually impaired athletes divided races
4. 8+ žA Women’s University Final C, B
5. 8+ mA Men’s University Final C, B
6. 8+ žA Women’s University Final A
7. 8+ mA Men’s University Final A

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