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The coming weeks will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the University Eights crews

The coming weeks will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the University Eights crews
28. 4. 2022

In the coming weeks, we'll be bringing you exclusive insights into the camps of individual crews.  We'll go backstage with the teams from Czech Technical University, Czech University of Life Sciences and Charles University.  How does rowing work at different universities, and what do those involved have to say about it? Follow our social media in the first three weeks of May to find out. 

First, we'll be heading backstage with the Czech Technical University, which reigned supreme from 2013 to 2019.  Later, we'll go behind the scenes at Czech University of the Life Sciences, which celebrated victory in the pandemic year of 2020.  In the final week, beginning May 16th,  we'll go on an excursion to the oldest Czech institute of higher learning —- Charles University —- which dominated last year's races. 

Each week, we'll present a school, its team and its historic achievements across our social media and website. What else? We’ll be introducing the university teams’ jerseys and sharing training details and insights on managing rowing and school in interviews with representatives from each team. Each school will also get its own riddle or brain teaser. On Fridays, we'll say goodbye to the school of the week by asking about their goals for this year .

We're also planning Instagram takeovers when individual rowers will take control of our account and show us what a typical day looks like, from classes, to free time, to rowing. Test how well you've been paying attention with the quizzes you'll find in stories, along with everything else important.

This year's University Eights will take place on June 3 on Náplavka at Rašín Embankment.  Scholars, delinquents and truants are all invited to the rowing party. 

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